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Scholarship Entrant: kimberly from orlando, florida
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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Growing up all I wanted to do was Attended College and feel like I was doing something with my life. As I got older I thought school was boring and didn’t realize that I was throwing my life away at an early age. I’m very easy going and determined to learn as much as I can about the entertainment and technology industries. As well as how my Characteristics give contribution to the future. I enjoy using my creativity to do and put things together. For as long as I can remember I enjoyed computers, although growing up my family couldn’t afford one. I always went to the local boys club to play games and use paint brush to clip and create pictures using several different ones.
My main trait is that I consider myself an artist; although I will say I have put that on the back burner to pursue my education. I often spend hours at a time writing poems and somehow transferring those into lyrics also enjoy photo manipulation it gives me free will to create anything I want to. It’s an outlet for me. Before I knew anything about Photoshop I would use photo bucket and picnik to create flyers and crazy pictures for my friends and family members. Doing this started out as a hobby. I have a keen eye for ideal images and placing things together to make them look as if they go to together.
Once I found out about adobe Photoshop I fell in love. I was so unaware of all the other things you could learn such as InDesign, Dreamweaver and flash just to name a few. But I would just sit and watch tutorials over and over until I master that new effect of shortcut. I started do club flyers and doing internships at places that did screen printing at a few local flea markets. But once I tried to find a job people didn’t want to just hear that I knew what I was doing, they wanted to see proof and degrees. I moved from Orlando to find a better life and when I did, I found just that. Not even being in Lake County for a year I had received my GED in 2013 and also enrolled in technical training classes to help me learn soft skills with my career of choice.
During my enrollment there I received a scholarship for not only being a ideal student but also showing leadership qualities. I graduated from my training course within that same year. But I felt that that wasn’t enough I needed more. I knew there was more to learn about what I love to do as Graphic designer. So I enrolled in junior college. Education is important because it allows you to grow as individual and learn things that high school hasn’t taught you. I have a 3.0 g.p.a. I’m a very active student with SGA here at my currently enrolled school. I was offered to attend the FCSSGA meet in Tallahassee.
I am devoted member of helping my student body and I plan to do so at Valencia as well. I have put in countless hours of helping with fundraising as well as campus events around my school and even sitting in on budget meetings so that groups and originations throughout the campus can receive funding to make college students enrollment an even more enjoyable one. I did all this without the push of a scholarship but merely it being done because I wanted too. I want to leave an impact on that student that not only sees me as cool person but also doing cool and educational things on and around school campus. I want to be that person that students can feel comfortable with coming to with any problem they may have. All while doing so I still maintain to carry 4 classes per semester and get A’s and B’s. I have grown and learned so much from the importance of furthering your education that it makes me a better person as a whole. I plan to become an Art director for either my own business or a in house graphic department such ass Publix, Walmart etc. I also want to learn every aspect of web development as it being a very important factor in my career as well.
I have endured some hardship while living here in Lake County and this is why I’m applying to Valencia. I haven’t given up I will continue to push forward and do as much as I did here in lake county here at Valencia. I’m applying for this scholarship because I don’t have funding right now being that I’m still enrolled in school here doing summer classes and my transcripts are being held up until I finish. I would like to get help so that I can start classes on time and have a smooth transition form one school to the other. I’m so worried that things will not go as planned but I will not stop until I walk across the stage. People see me and tell me how proud they are of me and that makes me feel so good because I didn’t get that growing up. This scholarship will help me move past this hardship I’m dealing and start classes on time. I thank whomever so much for taking the time

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