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Scholarship Entrant: Alisha from Portsmouth, Virginia
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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Everywhere I go people always seem to admire and compliment my beautiful smile and demeanor. Its little gestures like those that you would think mean the most. Although this may be true indeed, my smile does not define who I truly am as an individual. What I believe is my most valuable asset is my undeniable strength, faith, and most of all courage.
If it had not been for the power and mercy of the lord father God, I do not know how I would have made it thus far in life. I give all glory and honor to my savior. My favorite newly found scripture that I always strive to live by reads, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” This scripture enlightens me in so many different ways and encourages me to always keep a positive mindset and never let anyone deter me from reaching my desired goals. I find great joy and passion in learning new things and educating myself on levels I never imagined being obtainable. It is because of my strong faith in the lord that I can say that I have found peace and happiness within myself as well as my life.
In my community as well as my job I am looked upon as a strong asset. This is due to my strong character. My character says a lot about who I am as an individual. I am very reliable and take full responsible for all my actions. My strength stands out from most people because I do not consider myself equivalent to the average person. I am what some would call an all-around individual. Not only does one aspect set me apart from others but all my aspects function together to make this possible. I am a woman of faith who sees potential in herself even when no one else does. I do not just settle for a good job well done, I strive to excel above and beyond what is expected of me. My strength and faith makes all the impossible for me possible. I am honored to possess such strength that keeps on fighting even when the battle is already won.
My college experiences, both community and university, have been some of the roughest adjustments thus far. I am a first generation college student and because of this I expect nothing less than my one hundred percent effort in every goal I set forth to achieve. I have always been an honor roll student who believes that all desired dreams can be made real if you hold strong and have courage. There was a time when I just wanted to give up and accept failure as my only option. When I was at my low point, I found the courage and strength to help build me back up to higher ground. This past October, my grandfather passed away due to bladder cancer. Due to the absence of my father in my life, my grandfather was the closest role model to a father figure I possessed. Whenever I needed him he was always there to encourage me and push me to always achieve my fullest potential. My boyfriend also has cancer and is still battling it till this today.
Losing my grandfather from the same family of illness that my boyfriend is still facing is a scary situation that I have managed to overcome. I am neither sad nor worried because I have strong faith and courage and will not let the enemy block the blessings that God has for me. I know that God has a plan for my life and although I may not know what it may be I trust him to use me in any way he sees fit.
After attending Old Dominion University for a year, I can say that I have truly learned and experience a lot this past semester. I was selected to participate in a scholarship pageant, worked part-time, and have also been heavily involved in my studies. My instructors are appreciated for their motivation and encouragement throughout my studies. Upon graduation, I plan to pursue a career as a special crimes advocate and investigator. My career requires me to be the strong, responsible, and faith driven individual that I am. If chosen as one of the recipients to receive this award, I will use all funds to help aid in the success of my career and to better educate myself in the studies required to receive my bachelor’s degree.

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