Scholarship Entrant: Sterling from NA, WA
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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My name is Sterling Ernst and I’m submitting this essay for the scholarship contest. What will be do with ourselves within a ten year period. That’s a good question for any young person under the age of 23, Some of us are never exactly sure at the young age of 18-21 of our lives or we see ourselves going. Some of us are going to a particuar type of collage whether it’s in film, cooking, music, art…. It’s never exactly clear in that time of our lives.

That was always a big question people and myself asked when I was thinking about. I thought about going to art school to learn new things to advance my skills and make me more connected with the real world. I entered an independent school called Gage and studied art, worked with charcoal, ink, chalk, worked with models and was mentored by the best in the buisness.
but after a while it was getting to a point were money was an issue, my job wasn’t going the way it should and I had to leave. After that I hit rock bottom and was for a while didn’t know what on god’s green earth I was going to do with myself. Then Le Cordon Bleu cooking school got my attention.
A cooking school that broke barriors and stood above most of the competition. I thought it would be a
great opportunity to make some major changes in my life, I could not only learn to cook for myself but for friends, family, loved ones… My life could change within a six to eight month period within just four hours of each lesson and not only that but I could get better opportunities for jobs and maybe finding a career.

I could work in casinos, golf courses, nice resturants, get my lisense for searving beer/wine. My life could change in a blink of an eye. But there was a problem, I had no money and had small opportunities for scholarships. But here I am now applying myself to this contest writing this essay for one as yourself reading it right now.
Everyone wants a better future for either themselves, famalies you name it. We all dream of it, Having just one opportunity to seize everything we ever wanted and have it in our hands to make a difference for
our wives, kids, husbands, parents…Sometimes we look up at the sky into the stars at night and we remember a quote from a fan favorite Seahawks football player “WHEN I WAS A KID MY FATHER TURNED TO ME ONE DAY AND SAID SON, WHY NOT YOU. I TOOK THAT QUOTE FROM MY FATHER TURNED TO MY BROTHERS AND SAID WHY NOT US GENTLEMEN”
We all want the best out of life but only the ones who work the hardest get the biggest slice of the pie but only the ones who work and push the hardest get it, So why not take a stand and fight for it.

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