3 Must-Try Summer Music Activities for Kids

“What are we going to do today?” “I’m bored.” “There’s nothing to do.” Does this sound familiar?

When school lets out kids often don’t know what to do with their free time, and they might start spending a lot of it complaining to you. Getting children involved in creative activities will get them excited and energized, and you’ll get some of your sanity back! Summer music activities for kids are a great way to keep little ones busy, learning, and having fun through the long, hot days. Here are 3 of our favorites…

Make a Music Podcast

Get your kids to play DJ with this fun summer music activity! Have your kids pick out their favorite music, put together playlists, and talk about the music “on air”. They can record their show using programs like Garageband or Audacity. This is especially fun for siblings and groups of kids who can take turns listening to the show and being in the audience. Making podcasts encourages kids to use technology creatively and to think about what kind of music they like and why.

Online Music Lessons

Learning an instrument or taking voice lessons doesn’t just keep your kids busy; music lessons have many benefits for growing minds, from boosting confidence to sharpening math skills. Online music lessons are totally personalized, private lessons that your kids can take from the convenience of home. Christina at FamilyCircle.com recently shared the great experience her daughter Ava had taking online guitar lessons and wrote about the results on her blog. After just one lesson, Ava had learned a new chord and spent hours practicing one of her favorite songs!

Learn to Boogie!

Dancing is a great way for kids to interact with music, have fun, and stay active. It’s always fun to turn up some jams and jump around, but if your kids want to get a little more serious about dance, there are several excellent, low-cost apps available that can teach them some basic steps, work on their rhythm, and teach them to appreciate music in a whole new way. A few of our favorite dance apps include Tap App, Pocket Salsa, and Ballroom Dancing for Beginners & Intermediates.

Whatever you do with your kids this summer, remember that every day is an opportunity to learn and have fun. Creative play and especially music activities encourage kids to develop discipline as they practice and work on improving their skills. Why wouldn’t you want your kids involved in music?

How are you and your kids beating the summertime blues? Let us know about your fun summer plans in the comments!
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