Our Favorite Viral Cat Videos (and How They Relate to Music Lessons)

It’s Friday afternoon and you’re so close to the weekend! Suddenly, instead of focusing on what you should be doing, you realize you’ve spent the last 20 minutes watching cat videos on YouTube. Sound familiar? As the cat-lady in residence at TakeLessons, I can definitely relate (just don’t tell my boss).

If you really think about it, some of our favorite viral cat videos can teach us a lot about music lessons. Our furry friends demonstrate tremendous amounts of determination, teaching us to persevere in our efforts and go after what we love. Of course, cats also have less than dignified moments that can teach us what not to do. Read on and enjoy some of my favorite cat videos and the lessons they can teach you in your musical journey!

Never give up on your dreams! Poor Maru is a bit too “fluffy” to fit inside the boxes he so dearly loves in this video, but that doesn’t stop him from trying. If only we could all pursue our musical passions with such relentless perseverance!

Like this water-loving cat, you don’t have to follow the crowd. Even though most cats hate water, he seems totally fine with sticking his head under the faucet and taking a sip. Take the dive into your authentic musical self and you could go viral too!

If you hit the wrong note or miss your cue in a performance, don’t freak out like this kitten does! Learn to walk off your mistakes and they will be much less obvious.

Be excited and curious about your musical journey and you’ll find a lot to surprise and delight you. See how excited and surprised this kitten gets with each touch from his owner? Next time you’re playing your instrument, look for joy in noticing something new.

Practice makes purrfect. Nora the cat reportedly practices the piano several times a day. While we don’t all have as much free time as Nora, we can certainly learn from her dedication to her craft.

Don’t be afraid to stand out! What if this cat wearing a shark costume while riding a Roomba and chasing a duckling was worried about fitting in? Then we’d never have this brilliant cat video! Follow this cat’s lead and you could be the next David Bowie or Lady Gaga.

Slow and steady wins the race. Like the stalking cat in this video, you’ll reach your goals eventually if you keep taking baby steps.

Do you have a favorite video that I left out? Let me know about it in the comments!

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