What’s it Like to Take Online Music Lessons?

online music lessonsWhen 28-year-old Christopher C. of Garner, NC, decided he was going to propose to his girlfriend by song, he needed to make sure he could secretly take piano lessons without spoiling the surprise.  Online piano lessons with Heidi S. of Fort Worth, TX, was going to be Christopher’s solution for an inconspicuous means of taking lessons.

Every Thursday, when Christopher’s girlfriend leaves for work, he pulls out his keyboard piano, logs onto Skype and meets for his lesson with Heidi to work on his proposal song, “Never Stop” by SafetySuit.

“[Everyone] now has access to [private] lessons,” said Heidi.  With that said, the perception of private music lessons is changing.  Where one student might spend 5-10 minutes on warm-ups, Heidi’s online students can pull up a prerecorded warm-up uploaded to YouTube, prior to meeting.  She also uses YouTube to upload any accompaniment her voice students may need.  “I’ve found that the students I work with love the technology behind [online lessons],” said Heidi.

You might be thinking, “Well that’s great for a 28-year-old, but what about my child?”

Seven-year-old Keon of San Diego, CA is currently taking singing lessons with Erik D. of Decatur, GA, and “the experience has been wonderful,” said Keon’s mother, Tamecia.

“Erik is awesome!  He explains the warm-ups to Keon and has a way of making him feel comfortable.  At first I thought because my son is only seven, this will be difficult, but [Keon’s] taking to the lessons just fine, and we’re able to build a great relationship with Erik,” she said.

Erik has been teaching students globally since 2007 and can be considered a pro among online teachers.  “There’s really no difference between my in-studio or in-home lessons and my lessons online.  I start them off with a warm-up, we’ll do scales and then dive into the lesson according to the student’s lesson plan,” Erik said.

Erik believes in forming a bond with his students and cherishing those human moments.  It’s working with his students such as Keon that makes him feel empowered as a teacher.  “There is no wall that we cannot get over to be able to reach out and touch one another,” he said.

What music lessons come down to are great relationships between students and teachers, but also the progress that can be seen first-hand.

From her home in Knoxville, TN, 10-year-old Arwin is currently taking singing lessons with Serena P. of Chicago, and while she has only had just a few lessons, “we’re seeing improvement,” said father Scott.

“[Sarena] has her working on an exercise to open her mouth wider and [Arwin] was able to get that down right away,” Scott said. “She’s only had a few lessons, but there’s still a lot to learn.”

No matter what your reason is for taking online lessons, there are tons of teachers available to help push you toward your goals.  Relationships can be formed without even leaving the house!  Online music lessons are growing in popularity, and the trend is on the rise.

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