Awesome Music Apps for Drummers

android music appsWith all of the music apps available these days, musicians have tons of resources right at their fingertips. Guitarists can pull up their phones instead of packing their tuners; vocalists can Google song lyrics for impromptu karaoke nights. So what are the must-have music apps specifically for drummers? Here are a few to get you started…


MAPEX Drum Masterclass – iPhone and iPod Touch, $4.99
Learn how to read drum notation, practice drumming patterns directly on your iPhone’s screen, and watch step-by-step drum lessons.

Metronome / Tempo – iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, $2.99; Android, Free.
Everyone needs a good quality metronome app.  Set your time signature, rhythm pattern, sound and tempo, and start practicing!

Song Beats – iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Free
Play along with your favorite songs! Similar to games like GarageBand, users play along with popular tracks by tapping highlighted parts of a virtual drum set.

Drum Kit – Android, Free
Explore and record beat loops on this virtual drum kit, best for beginners who just want a fun way to create music.

Modern Drummer magazine – iPhone and iPad, Free
Stay up-to-date in the music world with playing tips, interviews and product reviews from one of the best drumming magazines out there.

Looking for some new apps to add to your smart phone? Here are 11 more awesome apps for drummers!

While these apps can’t take the place of true practice on your drum set or give you a reason to skip your drum lesson this week, they’re a great way to get in a musical mindset when you have some spare time!


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