In Honor Of Amps That Go Up To 11…

If you’re a fan of the rock mockumentary This is Spinal Tap, you know the significance of 11 – you know, one louder than 10?  It’s a big deal, folks.  So much so that fans have dubbed today, 11/11 – among other things – Nigel Tufnel Day in honor of that special amplifier.  (Check out the iconic movie clip here.)

So today, crank your volume up to 11 and check out these other LOUD things in rock & roll history:

Loudest Song Shorter Than Two Seconds
Grindcore, a particularly grating subgenre of hardcore punk, is often characterized by loud, brief songs. “You Suffer,” a 1987 song from genre trailblazers Napalm Death, holds the Guinness World Record for shortest song ever recorded, at 1.316 seconds. Appropriately enough, it was chosen as the band’s debut single, released as a 7″ on Earache Records.

Loudest Mouths In Rock
Oasis bandmates Liam and Noel Gallagher have been publicly feuding since the group’s first American tour in 1994 (and that’s not including the bros’ personal squabbles before Oasis). While younger brother Liam handled vocal duties, older brother Noel wrote the band’s music and generally controlled their creative direction. But egos and grudges got in the way quickly, leading to public fights (including a recorded argument on a 1995 bootleg single and Liam’s last minute withdrawal from Oasis’ 1996 “MTV Unplugged” performance), personal ridicule, and constant conflict that’s never let up since the band’s start. Even after Noel quit the band in 2009 to start his own solo project, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, the siblings have hardly backed down, and it seems we can never go a few months without another outburst.

Loudest Rapper Alive
There’s nothing quiet about DMX. When he speaks, it sounds like he’s yelling. So when he’s yelling, you definitely pay attention. When Complex magazine did their ranking of Loudest Rappers Ever, DMX took the crown from other rambunctious rhymers like Lil Jon and Mystikal. That’s a pretty deafening statement.

Loudest Band Known to Hold Audiences Hostage
A lot of loud, aggressive bands came out of New York’s early 80s new wave punk scene, though the loudest and most aggressive were probably Swans, whose early shows were sometimes shut down by police due to threatening decibel levels. Said frontman Michael Gira: “There was one European show in a barn that only held 400 people. The stage wasn’t wide enough to put the entire PA in front, so we put half of it in the front and half of it at the back, so the audience was smashed between! The walls, ceiling, everything was shaking, raining down years of collected dust. That was good.”

Loudest Band (International)
Guitar Wolf live the loud life (say that six times). These three guys from Japan playing fast and furious garage inspired punk rock may be something that could potentially cause hearing damage. In fact, their 1999 album “Jet Generation” is said to be so loud that Matador Records claimed that “The levels exceeded the theoretical maximum possible on compact disk audio. In other words, ‘Jet Generation’ is the loudest CD in history.” These guys definitely turn it up.

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