Featured Teacher Will Retains and Motivates his Students

Will PJuly's Featured Teacher is our very deserving Midwest teacher Will P.
We selected Will because he can nicely balance being a performing
musician, being a good teacher at successfully retaining and motivating
his long-term existing students, and actively pursuing more new
students. Some of his students have taken over 50 lessons with him
through TakeLessons!

Here is what Will had to say when asked how he continues to motivate and retain students:

"I've been really lucky to have some really wonderful students. The
key is to let the students direct their musical experience. When I get
a new student I ask them to list 10 songs that they would like to learn
at some point. When they set and meet their goals, they get really
excited and motivated. It's really important to keep them interested
and direct the lessons toward their goals and desires. Listening to the
students is really important. As a performing musician, it's really fun
to share that part of my life with them, and they really get a kick out
it when they come to my shows. It's also a fun way to motivate people."

Will Phalen and the Stereo Addicts

Will's band is called Will Phalen and the Stereo Addicts, and is now featured on iTunes. Check out their music either on their website, watch their video, or directly on iTunes!

Congratulations on being named our Featured Teacher of the Month,
and thank you for being such a great role model to your TakeLessons

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