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Popular Acting Teachers Near Baltimore

Zaneta B.

Dundalk, MD
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David A.

Baltimore, MD
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Susan S.

Owings Mills, MD
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Zaneta B. Dundalk, MD

Subjects Taught

ACT, Acting, Algebra, Arithmetic, Basic Math, Biology, Broadway Singing, Chemistry, Elementary Math, English, Film Acting, Geometry, History, Improv Acting, Language, Math, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Phonics, Piano, Pre Algebra, Reading, Singing, Songwriting, Spanish, Speaking Voice, Test Prep, Theater Acting

About Me

I am originally from Chicago, Illinois and now reside in the Maryland/Washington D.C. area. I started singing publicly around the age of 5 and playing piano at 9. From there I have toured overseas to various parts of Europe and across the United States. I have learned various techniques from Classical, to Gospel, to Country, to R&B, to Pop/Rock, to Musical Theatre and many more. In addition to just singing them myself I can effectively teach others the how to sing their favorite genre as well. I have taught for music and arts, Andrews Air Force base and several local music schools. I also help students preparing for college auditions, and recitals. In addition, I have experience with social media and online presence which can allow vocal singers the opportunity to sing with others and create various performance recordings. On the academic side of things I help tutor students in a variety of subjects and coach them to achieve better grades, and higher test scores to create an attractive college preparation portfolio.

*** Lesson Details ***
In lessons its really all about you and what you would like to learn. I am comfortable teaching all ages and helping you learn more about the music that you love. Whether that's learning a song to sing to your spouse for an upcoming anniversary, learning essential repertoire to get into the music school of your dreams, or if you have always wanted to learn piano but just never had time before. My job is to help you improve and help you get to where you want to go. However, this is not always an easy task much work and hard practice goes into learning how to sing correctly and/or play piano. Although there are many fun and exciting times there are also times when work needs to get done, and like anything else practice is KEY. So whether you are just starting out or if you have been in lessons for years I look forward to helping you and seeing you thrive. Also, I promise to provide a curriculum that is tailored specifically to you and your needs to help further assist in your musical growth. I love to just have fun and I hope that you will not only have fun but also learn lots of music as well.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Recording Equipment
Theatre and Impromptu Props

*** Travel Equipment ***
I would expect the student to have a piano and/ or their voice. :)

*** Specialties ***
Voice- Any style or genre as well as German, Italian, French, English, Spanish and some Hebrew.

David A. Baltimore, MD

Subjects Taught

Acting, Algebra, Basic Math, Economics, Elementary Math, English, ESL, Improv Acting, Math, Poetry, Pre Algebra, PSAT, Reading, SAT, Shakespearean Acting, Theater Acting

About Me

I have multiple years of experience tutoring both kids and adults in a variety of different subjects, from English to Algebra.
I enjoy teaching, acting, dancing, writing poetry, and playing soccer.

*** Lesson Details ***
Each and every lesson is tailor-made to fit the needs of the student. It will have an immediate objective as well as fitting into a long-term goal. While fun is not the object of the lesson (learning is), it is certainly a welcome by-product.

*** Studio Equipment ***
You bring: an eagerness to learn.
I'll bring: everything else.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I just pack up all the essentials from the studio and come to you!

*** Specialties ***
Acting: I have performed in and directed multiple plays and have been trained in improv and scripted theatrical arts. I love Shakespeare and enjoy bringing the pages to life. The last student I coached scored a leading role in her school's big production.

Economics: I studied under some of the brightest economists and have a firm foundation in both micro and macroeconomics as well as international economics, particularly that pertaining to the third world and poverty alleviation strategies. The last student I tutored raised her grade two letters.

English: I teach ESL classes and have worked with students with very little knowledge of the language as well as those who just wanted to delve deeper into its intricacies. I am a published poet and enjoy employing rhyme and meter. The last student I tutored progressed from learning the alphabet to engaging in conversations.

Math: I enjoy problem-solving, and once I figured out that Math was like riddles with numbers I began to enjoy it too. I'm best at explaining Algebra (I & II) or Geometry. The last student I tutored was initially scared of failing, but ended with an A in the course.

Susan S. Owings Mills, MD

Subjects Taught

Acting, Alternative Medicine, Broadway Singing, Child Acting, Classical Voice, Essay Writing, Film Acting, Film and TV Acting, Grammar, Jazz Voice, Meditation, Nutrition, Opera Voice, Public Speaking, Reading, Shakespearean Acting, Singing, Speaking Voice, Speech, Spoken Word, Stage Performance, Theater Acting, Vocabulary, Vocal Training, Voice Acting, Writing

About Me

Acting – I have taught all kinds of acting, including Audition Skills, Shakespeare, Stage, Film & TV, Dramatic, Comedic, whatever. I also have quite a bit of experience performing in all those arenas.

Voice – Anyone can sing. I you want to and have always thought you couldn't, you will be delighted when I prove you wrong. If you're a serious singer, no matter what kind of singing you want to do, you should train classically. It's just the best way to train those delicate muscles.
I am an excellent coach, at any level. I will teach you how to OWN the song. That's what keeps people coming back. However, as an instructor, I am better with beginners.

Speaking – Ever lost your voice because you were talking too much? Every professional speaker I know of has. YOU DON'T HAVE TO. It's simply a matter of knowing the correct way to produce the sound. That's easy for me to teach.

Writing – I have been a professional writer and editor for over eight years; I have books, articles, posts, newsletters, etc. published. The point of grammar is to facilitate communication, NOT to be right. I can teach you practical grammar, not just correct grammar. I can show you how to make your words flow and be easily read. If there are typos in here, please understand you should never proofread your own work.

Nutrition/Alternative Medicine – I have been in this field for over 25 years. I am certified as a Sports Massage Therapist and most of my experience is in that area, but over the years, I have garnered quite a bit of usable knowledge.

Meditation – There is no one right way to meditate. You don't even have to be still to meditate, although it's a good place to start. We'll find a way(s) that's right for you.

Larry P.

Baltimore, MD
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Sarah S.

Severn, MD
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Ife H.

Baltimore, MD
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Larry P. Baltimore, MD

Subjects Taught

ACT English, Acting, ACT Reading, ACT Test Prep, American Government, American History, American Literature, AP English, AP English Literature, AP European History, AP Exam Prep, AP Government and Politics, AP U.S. History, AP World History, Creative Writing, English Literature, Essay Writing, History, Improv Acting, Literature, Poetry, Shakespearean Acting, Social Studies, Stage Performance, Test Prep, Theater Acting, World History, Writing

About Me

***My Takelessons Blog Posts:***

My name is Larry, and I was born and raised in Chicago, lived for awhile near Seattle, and now call Baltimore home. I have a Master's Degree in Education (MAEd) and have been a home school parent/teacher for a little over 4 years (we just graduated one from high school, and the only one left in school is now going into 5th grade), and now I have a tutoring business of my own.

My tutoring business is geared towards middle, high school,and college students, and most of my specialization is geared in three arenas:

1) The Humanities: History (U.S., European, Oriental, and World), English, Literature (with a special passion for all things Shakespeare), and Social Studies (including American Government and Political Science) -
2) Papers: Research papers (and how to do the research for them), essays, creative writing - everything to do with papers you ever wanted to know,
3) Drama (the Theatre kind of drama, not life drama): Acting, directing, staging, analysis, including the aforementioned Will Shakespeare.

***My Promise to You***
I will treat you like an individual - that means that we'll find out how YOU learn best, and we'll work that way. I don't teach "to the test", I don't teach memorization. I teach by asking questions, answering questions, and sorting out still more questions.

***My Expectation of You***
That you will come with an open mind, come with questions, come with not just the willingness to learn and have fun, but the expectation to do both.

***Lesson Details***

*The Humanities*
The reason so many people go screaming into the night when confronted with lessons in things like history, or government, or English for that matter, are all the names and dates to memorize. I don't teach that way. We begin with things you want (or need) to know. From there, we cover how those things affected other things, It's a huge world out there, and how we got here from where we started is a wonderful and complicated trip. History doesn't happen in a vacuum, and we learn who we are by knowing where we come from.

Obviously I won't write your paper for you, but I will show you how and where to start your research (and how to sort it as well). I will also proof-read for grammar and/or organizational errors and show you how to structure it in general terms.

I have acted, I have directed. From the community to professional levels. We will talk about character creation, about staging, about working with your director as well as your fellow actors. We will mostly brainstorm, and you will be able to experiment in vision as well as technique.

Sarah S. Severn, MD

Subjects Taught

Acting, Anatomy and Physiology, Baseball, Basketball, Creative Writing, Cross Country, Fitness, Football, Hand Drums, Health Coaching, Inline Skating, Lacrosse, Personal Training, Public Speaking, Racquetball, Reading, Religious Studies, Rugby, Running, Skateboarding, Soccer, Softball, Spoken Word, Stage Performance, Strength and Conditioning, Study Skills, Test Prep, Vocabulary, Volleyball, Weight Loss, Writing

About Me

I have been gifted with a lot of talents and abilities, and helping other people is a good outlet for those talents. I believe that everyone should find things they are good at and share them with other people, whether that means performing, serving, or teaching. I am dedicated to bringing out the strengths in other people and helping them to be better at whatever they do.

“In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and action. I have only to hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it to the other eyes as mine see it.” Michelangelo

Ife H. Baltimore, MD

Subjects Taught

Acting, American Government, Choreography, Hip Hop Dance, Language, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, Theater Acting

About Me

I am currently a high school Spanish teacher, in an undeserved community located in Baltimore, Maryland. I am very passionate about teaching young people,and helping them realize their full potential. I am a bilingual in English and Spanish, and love traveling. I grew up in Albuquerque, NM and attend the University of New Mexico, where I double majored in Political Science and Sociology. I then moved to Baltimore, where I began teaching and received my masters degree in educational studies from Johns Hopkins University. Apart from teaching I enjoy the arts, I am very crafty and love to sew and make jewelry. I also grew up in a theater and attend a performing arts high school, where I majored in dance, so I have quite a bit of experience with performing. I love educating those around me, and have a love for learning. I look forward to having the opportunity to share my skill set and knowledge with you!

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