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Popular Piano Teachers Near Atlanta

Reba S.

Roswell, GA
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Daniel F.

Lithonia, GA
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Lark S.

Lawrenceville, GA
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Reba S. Roswell, GA

Subjects Taught

Accordion, Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano, Songwriting

About Me

I love music! I began piano lessons when I was 4 years old. Beginning in 5th grade, I began accompanying for programs in my church and school. I was very active in competitions and recitals all the way up through my high school graduation with 1st place awards in most of those competitions.
I received my Bachelors of Arts degree in Church Music with a principle of piano from Bob Jones University in 2004. While there I also accompanied for many senior and graduate voice recitals as well as accompanying University choirs and ensembles.
I love to travel and had the privilege of touring Europe three times accompanying a University choir. I also traveled to South America three times participating in music concerts.
The last eight years, I have traveled across the country as the Music Coordinator of a touring group. We specialized in bluegrass, Irish and sacred music. During that time I was involved with ten vocal and instrumental recordings. I wrote or arranged most of the music for these recordings as well as produced half the cds. I also was involved with compiling arrangements for three music arrangement books for piano, violin and flute as well as recently produced my own sacred solo piano book.
I also have had the privilege of teaching piano for the last eight years. I enjoy helping people discover the joy of music and helping people grow in their skills. I believe music lessons can help people become more disciplined, creative and happy as they allow it be a part of their lives.
In my lessons, I can offer the student training in classical, contemporary and worship styles of playing. I also can help you grow in music theory, ear training, sight reading and accompanying skills. If you are interested in song writing and arranging, I also can provide instruction in these areas.

*** Lesson Details ***
I am a very laid back person. I want my lessons to be fun yet beneficial. I want to learn the personality of my students and want to help them grow in their skills and love music. I will use the Alfred Premiere and Faber method books. Theory, ear training and sight reading will be a part of each lesson as well. I believe in a classical foundation for all musicians but will also include instruction in other genres as well such as contemporary and jazz playing.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I need the student to have a piano.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in classical, contemporary, hymn playing and worship style piano.

Daniel F. Lithonia, GA

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Bassoon, Clarinet, Classical Guitar, Flute, French Horn, Guitar, Music Recording, Music Theory, Oboe, Percussion, Piano, Saxophone, Songwriting, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba

About Me

Graduated from Georgia Southern in 2001, with a bachelor degree in music education.

Have worked for Atlanta public schools as a band director since Fall 2002.

Private lessons are taught on piano, guitar, and all the band instruments.

I also have a deep passion for Disc jockeying with a bias towards reggae and dance music.

*** Lesson Details ***
Students can except a stress free learning process. After learning the basic symbols of music notation, breathing, and simple rhthyms the students will continue learning the techniques and fingerings on their chosen intsrument. After mastering these basic concepts in music the children will then be given a chance to perform their songs to an instrumental accompaniment. This is good for the student who does not play in an ensemble to have the opportunity to play and listen to other moving parts.

*** Specialties ***
music, bass guitar, bassoon, childrens music, guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, home recording, African drum, music theory, acoustic guitar, flute, oboe, trumpet, saxophone, tuba, songwriting, french horn, trombone, clarinet, recording school, piano
My method utilizes maracas and rhythm guitar, played Simultaneously to produce a full ensemble effect.

Lark S. Lawrenceville, GA

Subjects Taught

Clarinet, Music Theory, Piano

About Me

I absolutely love music and teaching it to others! Having studied both clarinet and piano at the University of Georgia, I am patient and encouraging with both children and adults. I have taught piano, clarinet, and alto saxophone for several years and have children of my own; so I understand that each person is an individual and has different needs and strengths. I actively help out the Athens Area Homeschool Band and have played with the Gwinnett Community Band. I enjoy teaching beginning students as well as more advanced students. It is such a huge joy to see a student grow in their understanding of music and gain the confidence that comes with it!

*** Lesson Details ***
I use the Bastien lesson series with my young beginning pianists which starts with being able to identify the notes and keys on the piano and then moves to reading music on the staff. I am very patient and encouraging with young students and speak to them on their level. My goal is for them to be able to identify the notes on the keyboard, find the correct hand position, and play a few simple songs within two to three months. After six months, they will be playing songs while reading notes on the staff, and once a year during the spring, we have a recital for everyone to show how much they've learned!

For my adult beginning pianists, I use a lesson series by Alfred which combines music theory with the lesson songs and exercises. At the beginning they jump right into reading music, and within three months, the student will be able to play some nice songs. After six months, basic chords will have been introduced and they will be able play more complicated songs.

For my more advanced piano students, I use the Faber lesson series. With all students, I include music theory in each lesson, but the Faber series goes into more depth. It also covers a variety of music genres, including ragtime, jazz and classical. Also, depending on the individual, I will begin to incorporate some classical pieces as soon as they are ready. I'm always open to knowing what a student likes and pursuing songs that they will enjoy playing, particularly as they become more accomplished!

With my clarinet students, I focus on scales and arpeggios, help them with songs that they are working on in band, and provide supplemental exercises, duets, or solos for them to play. I am familiar with the "Standard of Excellence" and "Essential Elements" series. I also help prepare students for middle school and high school district and all-state auditions by working on the scales, etudes, and sight reading.

I also teach beginning and intermediate alto saxophone and help them with auditions as well.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have a piano, keyboard, clarinet, and alto saxophone that I use for teaching. I expect my students to have their own instrument before beginning lessons. A keyboard is fine for beginning piano students; it is not necessary to have a piano. I will be happy to recommend models and brands of keyboards to new students. I recommend Yamaha brands will full size keys and the 'touch sensitive' or 'grand piano touch feature, meaning how hard you press the keys will determine how loud it will sound. Some Yamaha models I recommend are: PSR E333, PSR E423, YPG 235, and EZ 220.

*** Specialties ***
I use the Bastien books with my younger (early elementary) piano students. I like to use the Faber series with my older piano students because in includes jazz, classical, and contemporary styles. (With more advanced students, I primarily focus on a variety of Classical music. My favorite composer is Debussy from the Romantic era.) With my adult piano students, I like to use the Alfred adult series which contains popular and classical songs that they may be familiar with. Each method includes theory. I prefer teaching piano from first grade and up, although I have had students as young as 5 yrs. old. I also teach adults!
I am familiar with the "Essential Elements" method series for clarinet and the "Standard of Excellence" series for both clarinet and saxophone. I can teach and help beginning clarinet students through advanced and am able to help beginning and intermediate saxophone students as well. I am classically trained on the clarinet although I enjoy a variety of genres.

Paul S.

Decatur, GA
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Shannon B.

Tyrone, GA
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Michael L.

Kennesaw, GA
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Paul S. Decatur, GA

Subjects Taught

Drum, Music Performance, Music Theory, Percussion, Piano

About Me

Hello students and parents!

I am a native of Atlanta, Georgia who has been studying music for 17 years. My first instrument was the piano at age 6, and I began playing percussion in my middle school band when I was 11. My deep love of music drove me to pursue a Bachelor of Music Performance degree, which I earned Magna Cum Laude from the University of Georgia in 2012. In college, I studied percussion with Tim Adams, retired principal timpanist of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

Music (and especially percussion) is an exciting and enormous world that I am eager to share with you, either at your home or in my studio. I am a patient, funny, and outgoing teacher who caters to your specific needs as a student. While I have studied classical music for many years, I also offer lessons in popular music styles, including rock, jazz, funk, and hip-hop.

I frequently perform as a freelance musician and recording artist, playing anything from drum set in my rock band Young Mahler to solo musical saw. I have performed nationally and internationally with ROC, the Albany Symphony Orchestra, Arts!Oglethorpe, Athena Opera, Chamber Cartel, Classic City Jazz, Oconee Youth Playhouse, and numerous groups around the southeast.

I believe that with positive dedication and a great attitude, any musical goal you have in mind can be achieved. Let me be the person to help you with your goal! Thanks for stopping by my page, and I hope to teach you soon!

-Paul S.

*** Lesson Details ***
I strongly believe in the idea of constant positive re-enforcement when it comes to teaching music. Negativity leads to tension, and tension is NOT conducive to learning. I am an enthusiastic and gentle educator, but I will firmly drive you or your child to achieve musical goals in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Motivation is essential to practice, and the importance of practice could never be overstated. This is why I stress positivity! I ask only that you come to your lesson prepared and unafraid of making mistakes.

As a beginning musical student, you can expect to have the fundamentals of reading and comprehending written music within 3 to 6 months. On the day of your first lesson, we'll discuss your goals and interests, and I will recommend books and materials to aid you on your journey. I will systematically teach you the basic rudiments and techniques that are essential to proper hand and finger movement; I'll also teach you mental techniques to ensure great practice. As an intermediate or advanced student, we'll discuss your previous education and musical interests, and I'll direct you towards the styles you want to pursue. We'll also work on concepts of music theory and performance.

Since performance is an important part of music, I will coordinate an optional recital in the spring for students to showcase their hard work and talent. This low-stress concert will be held at a local school or community center and will surely be a great experience for all those involved.

I offer lessons from my home studio, but I am more than willing to travel to you, depending on your location.

Let's make beautiful music together!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Many drums (including a drum set) and percussion instruments, electric piano, guitar.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I have drums and percussion instruments, including a snare drum and a glockenspiel to teach beginning percussion students, and many accessory instruments. I would expect a drum set student to have a drum set, but as far as beginning percussion students go, I wouldn't expect more than a practice pad, a pair of sticks, and a music stand.

*** Specialties ***
I was trained classically, so I am happy to pass on a love of classical music through lessons. However, I have been playing jazz and popular music since high school and am also knowledgeable in these genres. Percussion is a gigantic range of instruments, so I study as much as I can about all styles.

Shannon B. Tyrone, GA

Subjects Taught

Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano, Violin

About Me

Music is my passion, my hobby, my career and my gift. I have been performing since age 7 and teaching for the last 25 years. I have a bachelor's and master's degree in music and love to share my knowledge and experience with all ages and aptitudes - even special needs. My approach to teaching is fun but serious, laid-back but encouraging, demanding but forgiving. I teach students how to be disciplined with their practice and how to make the most of their limited time.

*** Lesson Details ***
I can help you achieve your goals! For those who want a well-rounded music education, I include music theory (note and rhythm reading), technique, ear training, improvisation and performance practice in my curriculum using a variety of methods. I enjoy working with adults interested in picking up their instrument after a number of years. Perhaps you are someone interested in pursuing an ability to play a certain style - pop, jazz, hymns, oldies, classics, or certain artists. I customize our lessons to match your objectives.
My students have an opportunity to perform publicly several times a year which encourages practice and also builds confidence. After a few lessons, I can provide an idea of where a student will be in 3-6 months. You can always expect to find me prepared with fun ideas for our lesson. I have a grand piano as well as several keyboards to add variety and fun to our lessons.

*** Studio Equipment ***
home-grand piano in living room seating for parents
church- second floor acoustic piano and keyboard seating for parents

*** Travel Equipment ***
I would bring my own violin to demonstrate but would expect students to have their own instrument.

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers marked as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students.For piano, I use Faber & Faber, Alfred, Bastien and Music for Little Mozarts. I include sight reading books, rhythm workbooks, improv studies, and later scales and arpeggios. For violin I have created my own hybrid using traditional methods and Suzuki.

Michael L. Kennesaw, GA

Subjects Taught

Music Performance, Music Theory, Oboe, Piano, Saxophone, Singing

About Me

As a retired Army Musician, I have traveled all over the world performing and teaching. I have a Bachelors Degree in Music from Wayland Baptist University and over 20 years of performing experience with the US Army Band. I have created summer camps, professional musical groups including an Army Chorus, woodwind quintets and orchestras for performers of all calibers.

Lessons with me are fun and challenging. I believe that students need to know the foundations of their instrument as well as the foundations of the music they play. It is important to love the music you play. I always work with my students on whatever style they wish to study.

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons consist of basic musical foundations, sight reading, ear training, and music theory. My lessons including fun and innovative ideas that help students learn the music as well as learn to love and share it with others.

*** Specialties ***
Chamber Music and Woodwind Quintets
Oboe Performance
Sight reading
Musical Performance techniques
Saxophone Performance
Piano Performance

Piano Lessons in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta has long been a focal point for major players in the music business. In rock, The Black Crowes, Collective Soul and John Mayer all developed their talent here, as well as R&B artists Usher, Ludacris, Babyface, Toni Braxton and TLC. In nearby Athens, REM and the B-52s emerged in the late 70s.

If you’re interested in learning music, the piano is a great option for beginners. Most people find their initial music enthusiasm after playing the ivory keys and learning about intervals, scales and melody. There are few instruments that give a finer sense of the architecture of musical structure and composition than the piano. It is the instrument of choice for several different music styles, including classical, jazz and even rock.

In order to really improve


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