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Popular Music Theory Teachers Near Arnold

Kayla T.

Saint Louis, MO
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Angela H.

Hazelwood, MO
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Timothy P.

Saint Louis, MO
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Kayla T. Saint Louis, MO

Subjects Taught

Broadway Singing, English, Grammar, Guitar, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Piano, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

I'm Kayla Lynn and I want to help you reach your goals! I enjoy teaching and helping others. I have fourteen years of experience of performing and private lessons. Through my hard-work, integrity and love for people, I am able to make a difference in my community.

My musical experiences: Before I played guitar, I played the cello and bass guitar. I started playing cello in fourth grade and a few years ago, I picked up bass guitar and then guitar. I have been in two bands; one rock/american, the other, jazz/blues. With students, I will focus on chord structures, music theory, pitch/rhythm accuracy, finger-picking & performance.

I began playing piano at the age of nine and continued to play (voice students are often times required to play piano). I now play almost everyday. I have several method books and sheet music to choose from. Students will focus on music theory, scales/chords/cadences, proper technique, and pitch/rhythm accuracy.

My vocal experience: I have studied with private voice instruction since the age of nine (classical and jazz mostly). I participated in my middle and high school choirs (concert and chamber choirs) along with a church chamber choir named 'Voce Dei'. In high school I competed in the 2007-2010 MSHSAA solo and ensemble regional and state competitions, receiving all one ratings.

*** Lesson Details ***
Learning is personal and I want the experiences my students have to be informative, engaging and interesting to them.

General things I focus on in every lesson:
1. Getting to know my student's on a personal level (their particular interests and background)
2. Setting tangible goals based on current abilities and experiences for students (music/voice students will focus on music theory, rhythm/pitch proficiency, proper technique, and performance).
3. My personal experience; including my background and how this experience applies to a particular circumstance in a lesson.
4. Developing the student's skill set to reach these goals; by staying persistent, enthusiastic and having a genuine interest in my student's goals.

I have experience working with special needs (such as Asperger's and cerebral palsy) and I also speak basic Spanish.

~I can provide the tools you will need to gain more confidence and accuracy by helping you build a skill set. I want all of my students to be able to properly apply the skills and exercises to 'real life'. More specific lesson plans are available upon request (tailored to each student's particular area of interest)!

*** Studio Equipment ***
-Voice instruction: I have a Yamaha keyboard that I can provide at voice lessons, along with a metronome and musical literature. I can also provide karaoke and accompaniment music.
-Guitar instruction: I have an electric guitar & bass available; although it is preferred that students have their own instrument. I also have backing tracks and a metronome available.
-Piano instruction: I have a Yamaha keyboard, both available for lessons in studio. There are upright pianos available for use at the community college, also; I also have method books, backing tracks, sheet music and a metronome.
-Tutoring services: I use the KAPLAN test prep guide along with material on English grammar/spelling and math (Word Power Made Easy & Cambridge books)

*** Travel Equipment ***
-Voice instruction: I have a Yamaha keyboard that I can provide at voice lessons, along with a metronome and musical literature.
I can also provide karaoke and accompaniment music.
-Guitar instruction: I have an electric guitar & bass available; although it is preferred that students have their own instrument. I also have backing tracks and a metronome available.
-Piano instruction: I have a portable Yamaha keyboard available for travel as well as method books, sheet music, backing tracks and a metronome; although it is always a plus when a student has their own keyboard/piano at home.
-Tutoring services: I use the KAPLAN test prep guide along with material on English grammar/spelling and math (Word Power Made Easy & Cambridge books)

*** Specialties ***
Tutoring services: I offer ACT, basic math, elementary math and pre-algebra tutoring; as well as English (grammar and spelling).

Piano instruction: I offer piano instruction in the styles of classical, jazz, and blues/swing. Students will focus on proper technique, music theory, scales/chords/cadences, and pitch/rhythm accuracy.

Guitar instruction: I offer lessons in the styles of blues, country & rock. Students will focus on proper technique, chord structures, strumming, music theory, pitch/rhythm accuracy & finger-picking.

Voice instruction: Offered in the styles of classical, gospel, jazz, blues, country, and rock. Classical and jazz standards are offered in the languages of English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

I have experience working with special needs children, and I speak basic Spanish.

Angela H. Hazelwood, MO

Subjects Taught

Accompaniment, Arrangement and Composition, Audition Prep, Broadway Singing, Christian Gospel, Classical Piano, Classical Voice, Composition, Country Singing, Ear Training, Gospel Singing, Jazz Voice, Musical Theater, Music Performance, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Piano, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

Hi! My name is Angela, and I teach private piano, voice, and theory lessons. I love teaching, and have taught many ages (4 to 92) and ability levels (novice to advanced). I am a dependable, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic teacher. I offer lessons for 30, 45, or 60-minute weekly sessions in my music studio. I do not offer bi-weekly lessons or lessons in the student's home.

I started playing piano at age seven when my mother enrolled me in lessons. I have been playing ever since, and I absolutely love it. I began teaching private piano lessons in 2004, and have taught many thousands of lessons since that time. I have experience accompanying choirs, instrumentalists, and vocalists, as well as playing as a soloist in various piano competitions and recitals. I recently began taking lessons in jazz piano, a genre I never learned much about. I believe it is never too late to learn something new, and I am excited to start this new chapter of my musical life and to use this new knowledge to enhance my own teaching.

My love of singing began in my freshman year of high school, when I joined the choir. It was a life-changing experience, and inspired me to make music my career. I immediately began taking private voice lessons, and became a voice teacher myself by 2005. While in college, I was presented with many opportunities to learn and grow, both as a musician and as a teacher. I sang in several different collegiate choirs, and was nominated to be in the all-collegiate choir in 2007. I also passed yearly auditions to sing in Voices Only, Lindenwood's most advanced vocal group. During my junior and senior years at Lindenwood, I worked as the assistant director of Voices Only. This was a wonderful opportunity, and I learned so much while leading warm-ups every day, running sectionals on a weekly basis, directing the group during rehearsals and even during performances when the director was away. I currently sing in the Saint Louis Harmony Chorus, one of the top 25 women's barbershop choruses in the world. I am on the music faculty of the chorus, and am also the baritone section leader. I also sing in an award-winning barbershop quartet called Executive Sweets.

*** Lesson Details ***
Making music is a skill which can bring lifelong joy to the musician as well as everyone around them. While I can easily ensure that my students enjoy music-making while they are taking lessons, my ultimate goal is that students continue to want to make music throughout their entire life, even after they stop taking lessons. I firmly believe that my job as a teacher is to train my students to be independent and self-sufficient musicians, musicians who do not need to take piano lessons for the rest of their life. My ultimate goal with each student is that one day I can tell them that they don't need me anymore. Many teachers teach by rote, playing a passage to a student and then having the student play it back. Though this method is helpful in some situations, students who are taught in this manner often find that they are only able to play the songs taught to them in lessons, and that to learn a new song they must have a teacher by their side showing them how the song goes. In my lessons, however, students are taught to learn their own music though sight-reading, ear-training, music theory, and listening to and critiquing their own playing. Over time, this allows the student more and more freedom to make music without a teacher.

In my piano lessons I use the Faber's fabulous Piano Adventures series. In my opinion, they are the best books on the market, emphasizing reading by intervals as opposed to memorizing note names. This method minimizes student frustration while also decreasing the amount of time it takes a student to read a new song. Piano Adventures also focuses on developing sight reading and ear training skills, something most developing musicians don't study until college-level music courses. All of my piano students have the opportunity to play "€œfun songs,"€ that is, songs which may not be in their regular lesson books, but which the student truly has the desire to learn. These extra songs are always optional for the student, and the choice of song is always up to the student. Fun songs can be of any genre: Classical (Für Elise, Clair de Lune, Moonlight Sonata), Jazz (Linus and Lucy, The Pink Panther, The Entertainer), Popular (Clocks, Don€™t Stop Believin€™, Great Balls of Fire), or any song that suits the student€™s interest (songs from video games, favorite TV shows or movies, folk tunes, etc). The fun song will typically be more challenging than the rest of the student€™s pieces, and helps to retain student interest and, when learned, is something the student can really be proud of accomplishing.

Vocal students are not required to purchase a curriculum for voice lessons, as lessons are based around the fundamentals of singing (breath support, head/chest voice, tone, and diction) and focused on each student€™s desired repertoire. Students will be working on two songs at any given time. The first song is entirely of the student€™s choosing, while the other will be chosen by the student from the vast stores of generally accepted vocal repertoire. This second song can be an aria, art song, or Broadway piece, and the student may choose from a variety of languages (English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, and Latin) in which to sing. Each lesson also includes warm-ups tailored to each student to develop technique and expand range, and a short theory or ear training session. Depending on student interest, these lessons may also include work on improvisation, composing, and musical dictation.

*** Studio Equipment ***
My home is a split-level, with my private living area above and my music studio below. There is a waiting area just outside the music studio, as well as a half-bath specifically designated for students and parents. The studio itself contains a piano and organ, my personal music library, and additional seating for parents. There is a full-length mirror for vocal students to watch their performance skills grow, and a gumball machine for when younger students have an exceptionally good lesson.

*** Specialties ***
Sight reading!
Ear training

Timothy P. Saint Louis, MO

Subjects Taught

Guitar, Mandolin, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Singing, Songwriting, Speaking Voice

About Me

I've been around music all my life. My skills have grown through the education of school, which I was in band and choir, and also through life experience. I perform regularly as a guitar player/singer and eagerly seek students to learn what I've learned There are a lot of different aspects to playing guitar, whether you want to just sing and play rhythm, come up with cool riffs, or shred a mouth dropping solo in front of your friends, I can show you these things. I've taught a lot to myself through online resources and simply watching other guitar players on YouTube or in real life. So I want to show the student how to learn for himself also.

I've received A+ when I was in high school, so I started tutoring then in both basketball and some elementary education. I delved heavily into computers and music education in college. Even though my background on computers was programming and web design, I eventually used those skills to learn how to do music recording. So over the past 8 years my main focuses have been teaching, playing, and recording music. I hope you would like to learn some of these things.

*** Lesson Details ***
When you sign up with me, I will get a hold of the student before the first lesson. That way, I can get a quick assessment on the students experience and their goals so I can come with a prepared lesson based on the students needs. With any student I'll go over the basic knowledge of the instrument: tuning, explaining different parts of the guitar, correct posture, etc. From there, depending on the students goals, we can jump into learning any favorite song, learn basic chords and how to put them into progressions which form songs, or start understanding how to improvise and solo in different genres of music. I will also provide handouts, teach my student to read tablature, and how to research for information via online or books. I like to have fun and encourage any student to enjoy themselves even during the tough parts of learning. With perseverance you'll not only gain the ability to play something meaningful, but learn lifelong principals as well. I look forward to meeting you.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Tascam Us 1641 8 xlr input controller.
Bluebird Condenser Microphone
SM57 Microphone
Peavey Amp
Vox Valvetronix
12 String Guitar
6 String Guitar
Les Paul
Cubase LE4 Recording Quality

*** Travel Equipment ***
I will bring my own acoustic. I can provide a guitar for the student at first, but it's recommended for any student to have his own instrument. I'll bring my handouts and references for the lesson that day and next week. I will bring a music stand as well for easy reading and playing.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in many different styles either on the acoustic guitar or the electric. I've been in full bands, small bands, and solo acts. I can play anything from Blues, bluegrass, rock, folk, to funk or heavy metal. I can teach how to solo in any of these genres, or just to play rhythm and sing.

I have two acoustics, and one electric. I can provide a guitar if the student needs.

Harvey C.

Edwardsville, IL
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David M.

Saint Louis, MO
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Jesse S.

Edwardsville, IL
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Harvey C. Edwardsville, IL

Subjects Taught

Acting, Broadway Singing, Drum, Music Performance, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Percussion, Piano, Singing, Speaking Voice, Trumpet

About Me

I have studied at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and hold undergraduate and graduate degrees in music from Bowling Green State University College of Musical Arts (Ohio). While teaching as a post graduate student at Indiana University School of Music, Bloomington, Indiana I studied with Metropolitan Opera Baritone Walter Cassel.

I have performed as a tenor soloist in traditional and contemporary musical styles including Handel’s Messiah, roles as Maestro Spinelloccio in Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi, Tiny Tim in Something Special (the World’s First Barbershop Opera), Robert Livingston in 1776, and Sancho, in Man of LaMancha.

One of my original songs, Another Silent night, was premiered by the American Cabaret Theater in Indianapolis, Indiana with exceptionally positive reviews.

Ensembles under my direction have performed throughout the UK and Europe. His choirs have represented the United States at the Harrogate International Youth Music Festival, Harrogate, Great Britain and at concert venues in Germany, Belgium, and Austria.

*** Lesson Details ***
Our lessons are focused on the enjoyment of making music together. We set mini goals and objectives for the lessons. We work on music that you enjoy and that will help you improve as a musician. Whether you are just beginning, have studied before, or an experienced musician you will enjoy our work together.

Students have the opportunity to perform in two concerts per year ( fall and spring) and in a summer coffee house.

I can teach in your home or in my studio in Maryville, Illinois or East Alton, Illinois.

If I am traveling to your home we will need to have a quiet place to work with either a digital or acoustic keyboard.

I specialize in beginning to intermediate students of all ages. My studio currently has a student as young as five years of age and an adult who will turn seventy eight years old this year.

David M. Saint Louis, MO

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Guitar, Music Theory, Songwriting

About Me

Composer and guitarist David began formal music training at the age of 5 on the drums. He taught himself guitar as a teenager and began playing in local rock bands. Initially entering college as a Journalism major, his passion for music led him to Meramec College where he studied Music Theory with Robert C. Howard and classical guitar with Larry Bolles. From 1990 through 1993, he attended Webster University, and became only the second composer in the school's history to receive the BM/MM Scholarship. While at Webster, he studied composition with Dr. Kendall Stallings, Robert Chamberlin, and Kim Portnoy, Jazz History with Paul Demarinis, and 18th Century Counterpoint with Dr. Eloise Jarvis. During his education, he performed with many student ensembles and sat in on master classes by the great sitarist and surbaharist, Imrat Khan and jazz guitarist Peter Leitch.

In 1993 he started St. Louis SoundWorks with Grammy nominated Adam Long and Mark McClanahan that specialized in mobile recording, and composing music for films and commercials.

As a musician, David has composed over 200 pieces for various instruments and combinations from small chamber ensembles to full orchestra. He was bandleader of two creative ensembles that focused on alternative notation compositions and improvised music, and later co-founded the avant-garde influenced rock band Diverted Course which released two CD's.

As a teacher, David has taught classical guitar and musicianship as an adjunct faculty member at Meramec College and Webster University. He has given seminars on the music of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, and Anthony Braxton. He has been teaching privately for 23 years and many of his students have gone on to successful music careers and performed all over the world.

*** Lesson Details ***
I teach students of all ages in a fun and positive manner. I am flexible and will tailor the lessons to satisfy your own individual goals. Whether you are a beginner that wants to gain a foundation in technique, sight reading, and basic theory or an intermediate or more advanced player that wants to increase their knowledge and polish their skills, I will devise a plan to meet your needs. I encourage regular practice and like my students to keep a journal to monitor their progress.

I teach a variety of styles including classical guitar, blues, rock, jazz, and avant-garde.

Ultimately, I believe everyone needs a creative outlet, a way to express themselves, and has something unique to say, and I aim to help those students find their own voice.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Extra guitars and amps at both places. Mixing board at the studio. Only has a upright piano at his home address but has a keyboard at studio

*** Travel Equipment ***
Expect my students to provide the guitar. Amplification is optional.

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers classified as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25
lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students.Classical, jazz, rock, blues, and avant-garde.

Jesse S. Edwardsville, IL

Subjects Taught

Accompaniment, Audition Prep, Bongo, Conga Drums, Drum, Ear Training, Marimba, Music Performance, Music Theory, Percussion, Piano, Synthesizer, Xylophone

About Me

Hi, I'm Jesse! I have played many instruments throughout my life, starting from a very early age, but I chose percussion as my primary instrument to focus on in 5th grade. I studied music education at Eastern Illinois University, learning the basics to many more instruments and studying percussion all the while. To this point in my life, I have studied percussion for over 12 years! That's over half my life!

Piano was the very first instrument I took lessons on, which has stuck with me over the years; I now play keyboard in a band. For this endeavor I also work with Ableton Live 9 and NI Massive.

I will travel up to 30 miles for lessons, but this site won't let me enter more than 10 miles, so don't hesitate to contact me if you're more than 10 miles away!

I offer lessons in several areas of music, but in most cases you will need your own instrument to practice on, which we will most likely use for your lessons as well. In the case of mallet percussion, if you are currently a student, we should coordinate lesson times so that we could use your school's instruments unless you have your own instrument. In any case, contact me to make arrangements regarding instrument availability.

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