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Popular Music Teachers Near Albuquerque

Aleena W.

Albuquerque, NM
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Brandon P.

Rio Rancho, NM
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Steven O.

Albuquerque, NM
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Aleena W. Albuquerque, NM

Subjects Taught


About Me

I have been teaching more than 4 years and I guarantee that you will find many things that are very valuable in life in addition to the playing of an instrument. I hope you choose to study under my guidance and encouragement!!

I have written background music for a radio show, a CD and a short film for a prominent movie production co. (final production coming soon.)

I am a professional musician and was trained in the classical method and I am Certified in Music Theory. These elements provide foundations for the pursuit of any genre of interest to the student.

In addition to the Classical method I have been trained in the "Recreational Music Method". Therefore I combine conventional with more progressive and fun techniques to maintain the student's interest and make it meaningful for them.


One of the most rewarding experiences I have had, was a student who had learned some songs by ear but due to his dyslexia and ADHD, was told he would never sight read. Well, not only did he learn to sight-read, but began writing music after 5-6 weeks following his exposure to sight-reading. This of course means that he has created and transposed himself on the written page.

Most of my students are able to learn the C scale (ascending), with proper fingering in 1-2 lessons which gives them confidence and provides then with a huge jump in their learning process. This also provides an important foundation for the student to start deciding the best way to proceed to suit their goals.

Teaching is a very gratifying and fantastic avenue to maintaining one's skills, I love the look in someones' eyes when they have surprised themselves and just performed something they didn't think they could learn.

*** Lesson Details ***
Relaxation and consistent encouragement are the most important aspects of my method and I think that even weaknesses can be turned in to benefits

I think a student should first be evaluated to determine their skill level and determine what their innate talents are.

I am also a firm believer in students learning to perform play any genre they desire thus encouraging them to continue to learn and enjoy themselves.

I like to interact with the parents when teaching children so that they are aware of their child's progress.

I think basic theory is a necessary element in building a foundation. Sight reading is also a good thing to learn. Once you have learned these things, then the "world is your oyster" and you never know what amazing things you will find yourself doing in music.

As far as materials for practicing, I use a combination of my own handouts, books and sometimes interactive websites.These materials will vary based on the student's needs.

I hope you will be one of those students.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have a Yamaha digital piano with weighted and sustainable keys which means that when the keys are touched, they have the same feel of an older model "upright" or "grand piano". The full piano sound is invaluable in terms of learning and perhaps investing in later if a student decides they would like to advance to the professional level.
Most of my students however have wonderful digital keyboards that have full sounds and additional programmed instruments into them. Students find themselves very happy with those as well.

*** Travel Equipment ***
It would help the student to have a binder for printed materials that I give them.

*** Specialties ***
I encourage anyone to learn and play any genre they desire. I was trained in classical music which I find is a wonderful springboard to any type of music. I don't teach the conventional classical way to everyone because I feel that it can be too rigid. Therefore I incorporate basics that all students will benefit from and then direct them towards their goal and them help them enjoy!,enjoy!,enjoy!!!!!! I have also trained in the "Recreational Music Making" method which makes learning a joyous and fun experience.

Brandon P. Rio Rancho, NM

Subjects Taught

Classical Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Songwriting

About Me

I started learning piano by the age of 4. Started composition by the age of 5. At the age of 12, I started guitar and never turned back. Music was always the ULTIMATE escape. To me there's nothing that compares to the feeling I get after completing a song, or the rush of a good performance. I decided that I'd rather do nothing else in life but music. After high school I went to the famed Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA., where I was taught by the most amazing musicians I've ever known. Some of the teachers who influenced me were Dan Gilbert from the Guitar World magazine, and David Oakes who trained with Andre Segovia (famed classical guitarist). My influences are a wide range. I love any music with shred guitar. Anything virtuosic is what I love. I enjoy playing everything from Latin, classical, blues, all the way to heavy metal. I have a lot of on stage experience that has served me well, and my mission is to give back the inspiration that has been my love for music.

*** Lesson Details ***
The most important thing with any instrument is that you're enjoying what your doing. If you're not having fun with guitar, then you're probably not going to stick with it. I teach beginning to advanced guitar and my students really enjoy the lesson plans. My lessons vary from student to student depending on what they want to accomplish, and what they need to succeed. After the student reaches a certain level I get them to play with other musicians. Sometimes I'll bring in my drummer and hop on the bass so the student can get the feel of playing with a full band! I expect a lot from students and they seem to have no problem delivering,

*** Studio Equipment ***
Home studio- includes amps, guitars and recording equipment. Custom built computer designed for studio use. Pre-sonus Firepods. Ton's of pedals. Pro Tools 10 Professional

*** Travel Equipment ***
I have backup amps and guitars just in case. I bring all the materials for the lesson plans to the student's home.

*** Specialties ***
classical, rumba, metal, classic rock, hard rock, shred, Brazilian, fusion, blues, and most Latin styles.

Steven O. Albuquerque, NM

Subjects Taught

Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano

About Me

I have a voracious appetite for learning music! After childhood lessons, and BA and MA degrees from Minnesota and Iowa, I worked for private conservatories in Los Angeles, while teaching and playing for church events and celebrations. In that real-world school, I learned the music that the world loves.
I use that knowledge to fire my students' imaginations. If Bach or Mozart motivates them, we set goals to learn Toccata in Dm or Turkish Rondo after two years of dedicated practice. If they want to blaze through the Blues Brothers theme, maybe four years at a leisurely practice pace. These are realistic goals!
Maybe you would like to "Shout To The Lord" at church, as one student did recently. Perhaps you would like "Skating" through Charlie Brown's music in front of eighty people in a fine hall. One of my students is set to do that Dec. 1, along with sixteen other students playing the music of their hearts.

*** Lesson Details ***
All my students can expect an experience focused on them, with lesson plans geared to their available time, and to their personal goals. Set the bar as high as you want!
My studio has a big grand, and a digital piano. The neighborhood is quiet, with plenty of parking. Come with confidence, to a studio licensed in Albuquerque for seventeen years.
After three months, a busy eight-year old beginner would have a nice rendition of "Ode To Joy" or "When The Saints Come Marching In" to perform for loved ones. Adult beginners could play "Happy Birthday", and could read notes in C position, middle C and G positions.
After six months, children could hope to play maybe "Rock Around the Clock", and adults the "Can-Can" or "Greensleeves" - with musicality! My students are engaged by lessons in technique, rhythm, fingering, expression and general musicianship. This, all within the context of their great musical selections.

*** Studio Equipment ***
The studio lessons are taught in a living room studio exclusively used for piano lessons including a Steinway piano. No pets. street parking

*** Specialties ***
Mostly classical, with some jazz and popular. Mostly teach from notes, though occasionally with lead sheets and improvisation. Faber and Faber, Keys for the Kingdom, and Bastien methods are preferred until the student can play original notes. Then, their recital works tend to come from such as Bach, Beethoven, Clementi, Debussy, Chopin and Gershwin.

Scotty P.

Albuquerque, NM
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Tyler Z.

Albuquerque, NM
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Curtis R.

Albuquerque, NM
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Scotty P. Albuquerque, NM

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Theory

About Me

I am an established performer having played in such bands as Big
Damn Crazy Weight, Bring Back Dad and most recently, guitarist for
Shadow and Ash. I studied Music Theory at New Mexico State University with the amazing Dr. Don Hardisty and Composition with Dr. Warner Hutchison. I am passionate about music and love and explore every genre with equal interest, though I am known personally for my hard rock bands. If you want to learn how to REALLY play guitar or bass,I am the teacher for YOU!

*** Lesson Details ***
Don't let your instrument control YOU! Learn to control IT.

What I WILL teach you: A series of exercises designed to make you hands become connected to your mind and allow you to play the music you hear in your head. These are tried and true exercises that made me the guitarist I am today.
I will also teach you to understand Music Theory and Composition. You will learn the WHY behind the music you love and comprehend it on a different level!

Rather than just teach you specific songs, I will teach you to understand the guitar so you can easily teach yourself any song you want to play. You will also learn how to take a song in one genre and remake it in your own style. As you progress, you will learn advanced Music Theory in and enable your own ability to write music of your own.

Knowledge is power, the power to control your instrument and make the music you have always wanted to make!

Let's teach you to ROCK!

*** Specialties ***
Rock, blues and jazz

Tyler Z. Albuquerque, NM

Subjects Taught

ACT, Algebra, Basic Math, Clarinet, Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano

About Me

I am a professional clarinetist who has recently played under Lorin Maazel in the Castleton Festival Orchestra and been a semi-finalist in the 2013 International Clarinet Association's Young Artist Competition. This coming year I have solo engagements in Beijing and South Africa. I have performed in masterclasses in more than 5 states with teachers such as Larry Combs, Fred Ormand, David Bellman, Howard Klug, and Steve Cohen.

I teach lessons and maintain a personal studio in Albuquerque. My students range from beginning to advanced clarinetists.

*** Travel Equipment ***
This depends on the type of student.

*** Specialties ***
I have performed jazz, classical, blues, and gospel on both clarinet and piano. I have been trained on clarinet by professionals at conservatories across the United States.

Curtis R. Albuquerque, NM

Subjects Taught

Acoustic Guitar

About Me

I have been teaching a very long time. I can teach kids and adults. Special needs cool, but I insist adult attendance.

Music Lessons in Albuquerque, NM

As you may have heard in the news the people in the Albuquerque Music Office, a division of the City of Albuquerque Economic Department, have been busy planning big things to promote the city’s music scene. It’s great to see that Albuquerque, one of the largest cities in America, is passionate about positioning itself as an active player in the music industry not just locally but internationally. Here at TakeLessons we are passionate about spreading music lessons to all cities throughout the US. In an effort to encourage musicians in New Mexico we have included Albuquerque music lessons as one of the areas we service.

If you are eager to chase your dream of becoming a musician but have held back due to a lack in quality lessons available then you’ll be happy to know we now offer ...

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