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Popular Music Teachers Near Akron

Hannah S.

Stow, OH
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Jamie V.

Tallmadge, OH
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Barbara D.

Twinsburg, OH
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Hannah S. Stow, OH

About Me

My name is Hannah, and I would love to teach YOU! I am highly motivated, fun-loving, and exceptionally passionate about music-- even more so, having you develop a passion for it as well. I have performed all over the US and even Puerto Rico. With the many years I have studied my various instruments, and also performed with them, I am confident in the abilities I have now and those I continue to develop.
I have a desire for everyone to have some musical knowledge, and an even greater wish for individuals to shift their knowledge into a love for whatever they choose to do musically. I can teach a variety of styles and enjoy the challenge of learning which ways to teach You best.
Overall, I would call myself a "music dork." I love performing, learning, and teaching; and I do hope you will learn to desire these things too.

*** Lesson Details ***
In a typical lesson, I will often begin with a warm-up. (This is NOT to say that you should not warm up before your lesson. I just like to get a few exercises started so we can be on the same page.) Whether you're taking voice, violin, or piano, you may feel the lessons start off slowly. But, we must learn to crawl before we can stand, and we then must learn to have our feet under us to be able to walk. I will move as fast as you desire to go, as fast as you are willing to work, and as quickly as the technique-development allows. Depending on which instrument you are taking lessons will look like the following:Violin-- I prefer the Suzuki method books for introductory violin. (I do not do the full Suzuki method that requires bowing and the emphasis on playing by ear rather than reading music.) You will need to be sized for a violin and bring it to the lessons. You will learn not only how to play, but proper posture, care of the instrument, and some theory. Theory/Piano background is awesome, but not required. After 3-6 months, I hope you will have learned the basics of posture, bowings, fingerings, and have a few (short) pieces under your belt.Voice-- All voices mature/change at different rates. This being said, I like the first lesson or 2 to be all about assessing what you have at that time. I do NOT push voices. I am very conscious of what is healthy/unhealthy to do with the voice. You will learn this, as well as become very aware of your voice and body and what it is telling you. Music used for lessons varies depending on voice type/age/etc. After 3-6 months, I hope to have you in good posture, beginning the long journey to proper breath support/use, and have a repertoire started. Ultimately, I want students to practice and remember you will get out of it what you put in to it. I will work as hard as I can to see you succeed, but the rest is up to you! Just practice, stick with it, and we will work through this together!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Private Performing Space, Includes:
Upright Piano, Full length mirror, Violin, Tuners, Music Library, stand, chairs available

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can bring along my own voice and violin, as well as teaching materials; however I need the student to provide a piano, violin/accessories, and their own music

*** Specialties ***
Violin- Suzuki Method
Voice-- Classical training (you can sing almost anything if you have a good foundation!)

Jamie V. Tallmadge, OH

About Me

I have a Master's Degree in Viola performance from the University of Akron. I have won the Tuesday Musical State wide competition for stringed instruments in 2009 for EJ Thomas Hall. I was awarded String Student of the year in my undergraduate studies at the University of Akron where I received a Bachelor's Degree in Violin Performance. I have performed with the Transiberian Orchestra, Ohio Light Opera, and Ashland Symphony. I had the opportunity to attend the prestigious Meadow Mount School of Music in New York as well as the Mark O'Connor Strings Fiddle camp in Tennessee. I perform with my church praise team, which is a lot of fun! I am apart of the High Strung Celtic band, performing all over Northeast Ohio. I also am apart of the Mansfield Symphony Orchestra.
Teaching is my passion and I enjoy working with students who are eager to learn. I am very strict with proper technique that will benefit the students ability to play well with good intonation and musicality. This will give the student the ability to play any genre of music they choose.

*** Lesson Details ***
I am strict with technique but I also make lessons enjoyable and comfortable for both the parent and the student.
I will use the Suzuki method, but will make sure we learn to count and not rely only on the ear. I also teach out of the Essential Elements book. I teach all the scales and some basic theory. The first month of learning the violin or viola is mostly learning the correct bow grip with some open string playing and plucking. Then we learn how to place the fingers on the finger board which is what we call the "left hand frame". Once we are playing with both hands, we learn tunes, posture, stretching properly, different bow strokes, how to play in tune, scale work, how to practice effectively, how to play with ease with a beautiful tone (no dying cat sounds! ) and much more!

I have taught a class of 5-7 year old violinists and violists. I have also taught adult students aging 50 and up, and every age in between for over 6 years.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Music stand, metronome, stickers, seating for parents

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide a tuner, stickers, tape for their fingers if they are a beginner. I expect them to have their instrument, books, stand for home practice, rosin, and a metronome.

*** Specialties ***
suzuki, classical

Barbara D. Twinsburg, OH

About Me

Learning to play a musical instrument is a skill that has been proven to improve brain activity. It is one of the only activities to engage both sides of the brain. Students who learn a musical instrument show improvement in their ability to pay attention and understand what is being taught in their academic classes. Most students retain this advantage even if they do not continue to play into adulthood.

Music is fun! It also can express your feelings in ways words cannot. I don't just teach you how to play your instrument, I will teach you to have a love for your music, and from that, you will find that it is a lot of fun! After all, you do "play" your instrument!

In addition to the violin, viola and theory lessons described below, I am also available to coach ensembles. Any combination of string instruments you are working with, I will work with your group to improve your cohesiveness and your musical style.

Music Lessons in Akron, OH

What do David Allan Coe, Robert Quine, The Black Keys, Glen Buxton of Alice Cooper, Jani Lane and Steven Sweet of Warrant have in common? If you guessed they’re all from Akron give yourself a pat on the back. It is clear Ohio’s fifth largest city has produced a significant amount of talent over the years in the field of music. In fact, Akron is also home to rock icons such as Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders and the band Devo, which became popular through exploring music genres like art rock, post-punk, and new wave.

If you’d like to follow in the footsteps of these talented musicians then you can too. However, you first need to know your stuff and you can learn by enrolling yourself in Akron music lessons. Taking music lessons and working with our Certified Music Instructors ...

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